Issue Number 3


"Just as the first constellation, Aries, arced to the center of the night sky, Brendan slid his hand down Niv's arm and interlaced his fingers with hers. They fit perfectly. Then came Taurus."

"In the morning I wake up remembering. I need another name, a mental eraser, but that's not how the game works."

"Pramod Paanwalla lived a life of reds. His cheeks were red, his wife Urmila's cheeks were red, the Christmas lights outside his restaurant, Bombay Palace, were red..."

"Everyone in line turned their heads at once. A man wearing a turban was shouting obscenities while hopping on one foot."



In The Early Works of Buddhadeb Dasgupta, Amitava Nag discusses the great visual artisan and his works.

"Literature and film are two very different mediums and when a literary work is adapted successfully on celluloid..."


A cartoon by Mahendra Shah.

"I think I have a crush on my new psychiatrist..."


"This is a story about my pregnancy and what it means to be a pregnant woman. Four years ago, I made an active decision to become pregnant;"

"As a tourist traveling on the road, it's very common to stop for chai just anywhere, wandering into someone's garh before craning your neck up at yet another painted ceiling of a dome."