::    By the Roadside

As a tourist traveling on the road, it's very common to stop for chai just anywhere, wandering into someone's garh before craning your neck up at yet another painted ceiling of a dome. Outside this particular home, sunrays winked back from the thin, long strips of packaged foil scattering blue, green, and silver shadows on the dappled sand.

        by Mita Kapur

::    The Yonic Myths of Motherhood

This is a story about my pregnancy and what it means to be a pregnant woman. Four years ago, I made an active decision to become pregnant; at least at the time I thought I was making a conscious and independent decision. But, the on-set of a high-risk pregnancy seven weeks into the first trimester and the life-threatening risk to the fetus soon changed my notions of what it means to be a woman, a pregnant woman, and a mother. Throughout my pregnancy, I constantly shifted between the right-to-life and the right-to-choose, and eventually the choices were no longer mutually-exclusive. While at the end I have allowed my daughter to live, I also underscore a woman's right-to-choose.

        by Roksana Badruddoja, PhD