October 2007

For the DesiLit staff, a lot has happened in our lives, between having babies and releasing music albums, not to mention graduate school and sabbaticals, but we are back with DesiLit Magazine's Issue Number 3. We feel you will appreciate the various threads, as each department has chosen pieces that they felt went well with their sensibilities. The particular melange of writers, poets and artists from around the world have lent this Issue, like our previous ones, a unique flavor.

The subjects in this Issue range from the harrowingly personal and the inevitably societal to the reverently religious and the erotically mythological, each voice unique and always surprising. Fiction's Digging In is unexpected, Passing at Hyde is a lyrically told coming of age story, while Pramod Paanwalla's Predicament tickles the funny bone. In Poetry, I particularly liked Elephants for the matter-of-fact way the poet starts his yarn right out. Humor has an entertaining little poem, Chemical Serenity that is sure to elicit a response from all. In Articles, Contesting Maternal Ideology: The Yonic Myths of Motherhood , really spoke to me due to the subject matter.

As we go forward, we also wanted to have more comments from our readership and the submitters. Please feel free to drop us a line at desilit@gmail.com.

Sumita Sheth