::    Elephants

"I've convinced Mme. Batiste I ride elephants on the streets back home."

        by Arun Sagar

::    Upon Finding Ganesh in the Medicine Cabinet, he asks for Wisdom in Small Doses

"Why do you always bury the important things?" he asks twisting my hair in his pale hands."

        by Tua Chaudhuri

::    Always with Insects Overhanging

"Wind-ripped blue tarp dangles from the houseboat rooftop, knotted at the center, banana leaf rope."

        by Soham Patel

::    Sad Tree

"Sad tree makes the rhyme easy: sepalika, arbor-tristis..."

        by Indran Amirthanayagam

::    Crowning

Grief as
   the in-grief's head, crowning, half-domed.

        by Geetha Ravindran