Sarita Chouhan

Spiral moving- inside outside, set of six works, water-colour on paper, each 5.5 cm x 5.5 cm, 2006

Form changing,set of 5 works, 30.5 cm x 30.5 cm x 6cm each, mix-media on canvas, 2005

A Form Within (colour-series) assemblage in mix-media on paper,10ft. x 8 ft., 1998-99

Untitled from The Sound of Silence, set of 6 works,each 24 x 15cm, 1997

Born in 1968. A self-taught artist. BA Honors, German, JNU, Delhi. Worked in Garhi Artist's Studios of Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi from 1998 to 2000. Did PG Diploma in Indian Arts and Aesthetics, Mumbai University. Presently based in Mumbai.

A selection of recent exhibitions: Audio Visual Installation "Everywhere is green…Even in my dreams…" Kala Ghoda Festival (Mumbai, 2006), the 42nd National Exhibition of Art, 2000, Jahangir Art gallery and Gallery Beyond (2005), Nazar Art Gallery (Vadodra, 2003), Artists Centre (Mumbai, 2002)

Excerpts from Sarita's statement on work: "The symbols that very often appear in my works are from nature like leaves and seeds as metaphors of desires and longing. Here the lines and forms speak the same language as human beings of magnetic pull between the forms and then friction between them, of union and separation, of joy and pain. The effort is to know the self through a form with its vulnerability and delicateness, its strength and intensity…

…More recently my pre-occupation has been primarily with black, white and golden colors–they are drawing based works. The effort here is to probe the being of form, its origin and its transformation, to explore the process as how the form comes into shape and then it changes and takes another shape. The focus is on the central form appearing through random strokes done very spontaneously. They gain strength and intensity with every line, every dot and every stroke, concentrating towards the center; they are perhaps pointing at the core of energy that is present in each and every atom."