July 12, 2011

Thunder Demons by Dipika Mukherjee

"Thunder Demons", by Dipika Mukherjee, is now available in the Indian subcontinent. This book was longlisted for the Man Asian Literary Prize in 2009 and is essentially a book about a Malaysian-Bengali family in Malaysia, but is also a love story with lots of suspense. Do check it out! It's already available now in some stores as well as online at flipkart, A1 Books India, bookmeabook.com, etc.

Synopsis from the publisher's website at http://www.gyaanabooks.com/thunder-demons.asp

Set against the backdrop of conflicting cultures, political turbulence, and a deep sense of belonging to the contradictions that form Malaysia, Agni is struggling to comprehend her relationship with the land she calls home. Abhik - her childhood friend and new lover, is supportive of her quest to unbolt dark secrets from her past about her mother's death, but the only man who can answer her questions is Jay Ghosh - for he still wears her mother's demon's teeth around his neck. Jay had been there with Shanti the evening she died. When Jay lands in Malaysia after thirty years - summoned by Colonel S, his mentor and father figure - Jay realises, as does Agni, that nothing is as it seems. Each must fight larger demons, for there are greater things at stake.

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The author's website is at dipikamukherjee.com.

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