Earlier this year we had the disaster in Haiti. That disaster caused unmendable pain and anguish to many, but it also gave the rest of the world the opportunity to act. I have had the good fortune to know people who risked life and limb to go to Haiti for immediate rescue work, and others who have abandoned their lives outside to be a part of the rebuilding of the island state. But that I somehow expected because that's what these people do and vocally stand for. What was truly a surprise came from what I saw at our magazine. To see poets donate the money from their contributions to the Haiti cause, really touched my heart. Why? Because I know how artists live, saving every minute of their existence for their writing, while of course, we all know how little money there is in this field and how every dollar really matters. What the poets did was make me feel even more uplifted by their generous natures and I thought I had to share their deeds with you. Their actions reiterate one's faith in humanity, in the innate goodness lying dormant in all people. Thank you!

        This is a mixed missive. After more than 4 years, we feel that we have to go on a short break till April 2011 so we can regroup.

        Life brings changes and with them we find ourselves changing. Over the years, our magazine has transformed from a venue for fiction to one where the most marvelous poems are to be found (we have Prathim Maya Dora Laskey to thank for picking delectable poetry assortments that went together so superbly). This metamorphosis occurred hand-in-hand with changes in the staff's composition and we also moved to a collective structure, and the ones who were able to be a part of that collective have had the opportunity to really get to know each other well.

        I want to thank Satya Gummuluri for always being a terrific, can-do team player and co-editor despite her various other responsibilities. Mary Anne, we want to thank you for lending an ear and always giving us excellent, timely advice. Pranav Jani has been the voice of caution and radical wisdom. Prathim Maya, you have always shared your endless energy and skills. Suhaan Mehta has been a super constructive and supportive editor. Indu Sanwal kept us working away on deadlines and calls as a collective. Anjali Goyal and Lakshmi Juneja, you have always picked unforgettable Fiction for us.

Sumita Sheth