Sometimes, a filter changes in your mind, and you see new things. You don't have to make an effort to attune your mind to anything, you simply see, your mind connects dots that have always lived around you and then you see a new picture, a new story, a new individual even. Like those Magic EyeTM 3D posters, it may take no effort for the mind to discern the picture within the visual noise of the scrambled image. Such a glimpse of worlds within worlds can be a pleasurable experience, particularly when you least expect it, and hopefully one that gently alters you for the better.

Something like this happened as I worked on this issue of DesiLit Magazine. We had a generous helping of poetry submissions this time around. Perhaps that is why my mind was sensitized to random acts of poetry in the places I had been in lately—poems on pieces of paper surreptitiously taped to a storefront in Seville, government-sanctioned poetry neatly displayed in public transport in Madrid and New York, guerilla poetry stenciled onto the sidewalk in Chicago and stuck to walls in Brooklyn...

The fifth issue of DesiLit Magazine features a wide spectrum of poetry—from imagistic and impressionistic wordscapes to explorations of contemporary preoccupations with distance and space to new and updated mythologies. This issue's featured fiction and nonfiction work across a range of human concerns.

This issue also sees a movement in our editorial staff. We welcome our new editors and are indebted to our outgoing staff for their efforts in shaping the literary vision of the magazine as a whole. We at DesiLit Magazine hope that you will find our selection of work pleasantly mind-altering.

Satya Gummuluri