On Minimalism and Growing Pains

This summer's issue has come after a longer than average break as we have tried to figure out what we are, what we want and where we are going as a magazine. The few stalwart volunteer editors have helped us hone our vision and thoughts. Thus, we come to you with our vision of literary minimalism.

We have striven for this minimalism with the number of pieces we bring to you. Fiction has two wonderful pieces, very different in style from anything you have seen in our pages before, but again shorter in length to go with our theme. Poetry's pieces are a very satisfying read together. Humor, under Bushra Rehman, as always is something very new and delightfully delicious. Articles and Reviews are now both housed under Nonfiction, and we have departed a little in bringing a longer piece that we thought had a soul that we had to share with our readers.

We hope you enjoy the pieces that we have picked this time around and come back for more.

Sumita Sheth