Winter Issue 2006/2007


No one remained in the room long enough to discover and understand that it too had a character; it too had a history, it too could speak of the secrets that had reverberated within its walls. But what [was she] amid this melange of shadows and caravans and secrets? She dreamed of another dance of flowers and a disembodied voice asking, Are you glad to be home?"


just you and me in that '78 Datsun

wind bursts through the windows
our faces flushed
mercury rising along the endless

pockmarked Hub River Road

that spears through the Baluchistan Desert

beaten trucks adorned like a madman's canvas swish past...


The case of Hindu widows and widow remarriage has been taken up time and again in Indian literature since the late nineteenth century, particularly by Bengali writers influenced by social reform movements. Deepa Mehta's final film in the trilogy with Fire and Earth is not, in that sense, new. But it did not deserve the controversy it raked...

The current Bush administration, as well as media pundits, sensationalist journalists, and self-serving academics serve as the essential actors in this ambitious vehicle. The following is an excerpt from Act I, Scene 2...


After bottomless cups of steaming hot tea and endless chatter in Arabic, my translator Lamya's face froze with shock. She carefully handed the overexposed photograph with worn edges back to our host.

The Rapid Writing Contest Winners!

In 2006, DesiLit hosted a Rapid Writing Contest and a number of very brave contestants faced the challenge vigorously. We print the winners this Issue!...

-Read the winning pieces here - by Sita Bhaskar, Mehnaz Sahibzada, Aadeel Akhtar